Hemo Tehna boca
Hemo Tehna boca
Hemo Tehna boca
Hemo Tehna boca
Hemo Tehna boca
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Hemo Tehna alkoholne boce
Hemo Tehna hemije
Hemo Tehna boca
HemoTehna zatvarači za vinsku bocu 25mm
HemoTehna zatvarači za vinsku bocu 25mm

Our products

HemoTehna plastična ambalaža za hemikalije i pesticide

... for packing chemicals for agriculture, for packing medicines and powdered ...

HemoTehna plastična ambalaža za alkoholna pica

... for packing alcoholic drinks, essential oils, various elixirs and alike ...

PET ambalaža za farmacetsku industriju

... for packing pharmaceutical products ...

PET ambalaža za kućnu hemiju

... for packing household chemicals, liquid fertilizer for flowers and alike ...

HemoTehna PET ambalaža za prehrambenu industriju

... for packing oil, vinegar, distilled water, juice, wine, etc ...

HemoTehna PET ambalaža za energetske napitke

... for packing energy drinks and alike ...

O nama
O nama

"HemoTehna" Corporation from Subotica was founded in April 1991. The basic profile was trade, consulting and financial services.

PET packaging production started in the company in 1994, it was made up to date with the purchase of new equipment in 2002. This led to the increase of production capacity, a larger range of packaging and a higher level of quality. As a company we are committed to produce packaging for special purposes, in exclusive shapes and colors according to the customer's demand. The concept of our production is based on strict control of each step of production, which enables us to meet the most rigorous demands.

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As each year, before pandemic „Hemotehna" d.o.o. attended 88th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad September 18th until 24th, at the common stand of Vojvodina’s Chamber of economy...

HemoTehna sajam Tirana

This year we will exhibit at the “TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FAIR” IN Tirana, Albania in the period of November 23st till 26 th at the joint stand of Chamber of Commerce of Serbia together with 23...


86 th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad visited business people from many countries. Tunis is declared as friend country of fair and Italy is partner country of the fair.

Interesting facts about pet

Glass bottle volume 500 ml - weights about 300 gr, and same volume PET bottle weights about 40 gr

New products

Our new PET bottle volume 500 ml, square shaped is ideal for packing of various products such as: alcoholic beverages, liqueurs, massage oils, disinfectant products, liquid soaps, shampoos, product for car cosmetic’s and alike.

For this bottle we produce plastic closures Ø 28, with a locking ring which is cleaved during the first opening, and thus protects the originality of your product.

It can be completed with the flip-top cap, dispenser, spray...

Standard products are colorless

High quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material from which all our bottles are produced, give them transparency, crystallinity (like glass), firmness ...

This bottle, like the rest of our products, has a health certificate.